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Tough Mudder Shoes and Clothes Tips von Tips4Running   7 years ago


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Hey there you Tough Mudder. What shoes and clothes should you wear for the race? I'll go through each item so you don't the same mistakes as me!

1. Don't wear any jewelry. I can't stress this point enough. I lost my wedding ring in the mud somewhere, so make sure you take off your rings, earrings, and what ever other piercings or bracelets you have on.

2. For shoes, I recommend Minimalist Running Shoes. What are these? They are lighter than traditional running shoes. If you can't do the light running shoe option, wear old running shoes, because they are going to get super muddy and dirty. I wore Vibram Five Fingers, but mud got stuck in the toe sections and was hard to get out.

3. Clothing - Wear the least amount of clothes that you are comfortable with. The best combo would be lightweight shorts and a light shirt, preferrably "Dry Fit" material. Cotton clothes will absorb way too much mud and water. A lot of guys went without shirts, which is a good idea, but crawling on your belly in the Electric Eel in mud can feel a bit rough at times.

4. You can wear gloves if you want, but I recommend against it. I was worried, I wouldn't have a good grip with my bare hands, but it was fine without gloves, even on the Funky Monkey, which are monkey bars. Nothing is going to be too tough on your hands, and the gloves might be more slippery than without.

I hope these tips help you get through the Tough Mudder.

Happy Trials - Coach Tief