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Send in the Dogs - Season 2, Episode 1 von Send in the Dogs   2 years ago


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Sharp as a Tack

The canine cops are back. English Spaniels and German Shepherds join forces to take on Britain’s criminals. Hunting for drugs, cash, guns, joyriders and burglars.

London’s canine cops take on the capital’s crooks as the Metropolitan Police use their elite dog squad to crack down on crime. Diesel, the Metropolitan Police’s Cocker Spaniel, who can find drugs, cash or guns in a “nanno-second” helps the TSG and his handler, PC Adele Gibson, raid a suspected drug den. Sgt. Pete Madden and his German Shepherd, Brodie, go after car thieves. PC Mandy Chapman and her German Shepherd, Karly, go after teenage burglars and solve the mystery of the missing BMXs. And, Paddy, the English Springer Spaniel, takes to the water as he and his sidekick, PC John Lane, attempt to become river cops.