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10 GUILTY TEENAGE Convicts REACTING to LIFE SENTENCES von Top Extract   11 months ago


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When you’re a teenager your life has barely began, you’re still learning how to live your life, well imagine having the rest of your life torn away from you and spending the rest of your life in a prison cell, imagine your reaction to the moment that judge takes your life away in the bang of a gavel, well we’re going to see what that is like right now as we dive into 10 Teens Reacting to Life sentences

Nicholas lindsay was too young to receive a life sentence when he was first handed into the police, but his re sentencing was met with a life behind bars, when the judge reads out this sentence nicholas just sits there grinning showing 0 lack of remorse for his crimes, his mother walks out and just says it is what it is

This next teen received his sentence for starting the fie that killed an innosent teenanger a stupid mistake which cost an innocent life and ruined another you can tell by how this teen is reacting that he completely regrets his stupid decision and even starts praying as he cries, his mistake is one to learn from.

Dillan shoemaker is someone covered before but this story was so intense that i thought id share it again, dillan is being sentenced here for the murder of a sweet innocent baby, he killed his girlfriend's child and when the court day comes he tries to plead that he didn’t mean to kill the child despite the fact that the baby was beaten to death, his plot to win over the jury didn’t work and he is serving a life sentence

Philip chism looks like an innocent high school student but he is anything but that, he is actually in court for murdering his teacher, the teacher was only 24 years old, which is extremely young for a teacher, she was just starting her life when it was taken away from her in the blink of an eye, Philip was sentenced to life and here’s his reaction

Jodi arias is the first female on this list, she has been sentenced for the murder of her ex boyfriend, her boyfriend was famous for saying to his friends ‘don't be surprised if one of these sundays i dont show up and you find me dead in someplace’ well that’s exactly what happened before she was sentenced to life in prison

This teenager freaks out after he is sentenced, the defendant freaks out and cries in court begging the officers not to take him away, showing that he at least has some sympathy for what he did

This next teen was sentenced to life in prison after he and his girlfriend robbed and killed an innocent elderly lady, the robbery apparently went wrong and while trying to escape the teen shot and killed the woman who was completely defenceless, the teen just sits and smiles as his life is taken away from him

TJ Lane was convicted for killing 3 of his fellow high school students with no lack of remorse, he was of course sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole and when he was being sentenced he wore a white tee shirt with the word killer painted across it showing how sick and twisted this teenager is

Tj also escaped prison a year after he was sentenced with another inmate who was captured

His next teen actually killed his great grandmother with a hatchet with one of his friends the teen was of course sentenced to life in prison and responds by saying that the news likes to twist a lot of things around, he was still sentenced and found guilty

This next teen almost starts laughing when he was sentenced for killing a 23 year old, the mother is in tears and is so choked up she cant even speak to the jury, as a sister stands in for her, the only words the teen has to say for himself are these