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Lisbon Rooftop Parkour POV von Ampisound   1 year ago


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In this rooftop parkour POV, Luis Alkmim tours his hometown of Lisbon, Portugal, showing his view of the city as he runs and jumps its streets and roofs. We wanted to make a POV that has great parkour and freerunning, but also some cool action moments. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to leave a comment of which city and athlete you want to see next!

It was really good to collaborate with Luis on this video, he’s one of the coolest characters in Parkour, his vlogs are always so interesting and his movement is so underrated. Make sure you follow him on Insta!


Luis is a trained parkour athlete with years of experience. As with all movement, stay within your abilities. If you are interested in starting parkour, we suggest you find a local class and get training from an instructor if possible. Obviously don't go trying things you are not ready for.

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