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First Time in South Korea (Seoul) von Life Where I'm From   1 year ago


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Despite living in Japan for five years, I've never been to visit another Asian country before. Follow along with me as I visit Seoul, South Korea for the first time.

Rough order of places I visited:
- Incheon airport
- Hongdae (Hongik University)
- Deoksugung Palace
- Nakwon-Dong (little alleys)
- Mangwon traditional market
- Gwanghwamun (little houses and big apartments by palace walls)
- Cheonggyecheon (stream)
- Myeong-Dong (touristy market)
- Itaewon (U.S. Yongsan Garrison / international area)
- Yeouido (financial district and park south of Han river)

Some Sources
Asian Flush (Vox)
50 Cent - in da club
Cheonggyecheon in 1904 by Unknown - 朴昌根:《解读汉江奇迹》 同济大学出版社 ISBN:978 756 084 7979, Public Domain,

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