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Mario Power Ups Calamity von Pixalmated   1 year ago


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What happens when you add a bunch of random powerups in Super Mario. Click the video to find out!
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+Main Song
-Versus Overworld New Super Mario Bros Remix By noteblock

+Ending Song
-super mario world donut plain theme
(Fun Facts)
1.This actually took 2 weeks to animate but a month to finally complete it.

2.I recorded my voice using my phone and a closet. I was told that closets have better acoustics or something. I plan on getting a mic so ya'll can hear my beautiful voice much clearer. Also it's another fun way to keep you guys updated on what's going on behind the scenes.

3.I ran into ANOTHER problem that actually delayed the release of this animation but I somewhat found another solution for now. If anybody uses adobe animate, can you tell me if there are problems with it. I may wanna switch from flash 8 if I keep getting these problems.

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