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This video contains intense scenes. Viewer discretion is advised.

( VIDEO # 1 ) At or around 10:15 am on October 14th In Athens-Clarke county Georgia the Athens-Clarke County Police Department ( ACCPD ) responded to a call at the 100 block of Chalfont Drive on a report of a suspicious person that was armed. As the officer exits his vehicle and begins giving commands to the woman she starts to approach the officer. After giving her commands numerous times, she refused to comply. At which point she begins to charge the officer with the large kitchen knife and is fatally shot. Officers did administer aid after more deputies arrived, but were unsuccessful in doing so.

( VIDEO # 2 ) On October 5th 2019 the ACCPD was responding to a call at an apartment complex around 190 Baxter drive in Athens-Clark County Georgia. The suspect refused to comply with the officer. He continued to ignore commands as he walks away before the officer begins to grab him, At which point the suspect pulls out a large machete as he turns around swinging at the officer. The officer than fires 3 shots incapacitating the suspect. As of the 9th of Oct he was still in the hospital in serious condition.

( VIDEO # 3 ) On July 1st 2019 ACCPD officers responded to a call at 1005 Macon Highway for a person that was armed with a Knife, acting extremely erratic, and covered in blood. Officers very quickly make contact with the suspect and began ordering him to drop the knife. After a very tense stand off and the officers doing their best to de-escalate the situation. Unfortunately the suspect than chargers officers with the knife. At this time the suspect is shot several times in the abdomen. Incredibly the suspect some how manages to get himself to his feet, before attempting another charge at the same officer. As the suspect is charging the officer on the second time you can see him attempt to Holster his weapon as he does not want to lose control of it. He gets the officer in a choke hold and begins to take his gun out of his holster. His partner than proceeds eliminate the threat at very close range as he did not want to accidentally hit his partner. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

( VIDEO # 4 ) Self explanatory : See Video

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