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Top 10 Facts About AMERICA That Make NO SENSE to Anyone Else von TopTenz   3 years ago


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America. It’s one of the biggest countries on Earth, both in terms of population and sheer size. It’s the planet dominating superpower; the heaviest hitter where culture is concerned; a place known by nearly every single human on the planet… and, to all but the 4-5% of humanity who live there, it makes absolutely no gosh darn sense.

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10. US Toddlers Shoot One Person a Week
9. Bestiality is Still Legal in 9 US States (but premarital sex is outlawed)
8. The Highest Paid Public Employee in 39 States is a Sports Coach
7. Over Half of All Americans Don’t Hold a Valid Passport
6. 30% of Americans Prefer Saving Money to Vital Medical Treatment
5. 7 States Have Custody Rights for Rapists
4. America Has More Self-Identified Patriots than Anywhere Else on Earth
3. Americans are More Likely to Get Bitten by Other Americans than Rats
2. Americans Take ‘Fast Food’ Extremely Literally
1. Government Departments Have Official Advice for Reporting Elvis Sightings

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