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Mapping Done Differently | Hilltop Motorcycles von Lamb Chop Rides   6 months ago


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Motorcycle mapping is something of a black art, you have your bolt on modules like the Power Commanders and Bazzaz systems which work well but are not very dynamic and means extra modules connected to your bike.
There is the ECU flashing route with the likes of Woolich but this leaves an irreversible mark on your ECU which could invalidate your warranty or insurance if you need to make a claim.

However help is at hand, there is a system designed by Hilltop motorcycles which integrates into your ECU, provides real time fueling adjustments and is impossible to detect... Sounds too good to be true? That is why I took a closer look..

For more information & pricing check out Hilltop Motorcycles website:

Apologies about some of the audio in this, its hard recording in a working garage environment, hope its doesnt distract to much.

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Filming Equipment used:

Camera Primary - GoPro Hero 4 Silver -
Secondary's - GoPro Hero 4 Black -
Intercom - Sena 10c / 20s -
Drone - DJi Mavic -
Data Logger - SpeedAngle
Helmet microphones - Sony ECM-PC60 -

Bike upgrades Super Duke:
Crash protection -
Carbon parts - &
Carbon Wheels -
Airbox tunning -
Steering Damper -
Tuning -
Suspension upgrades -
Clutch slave -
Tyres -
Riding Gear

AGV AX-8 Naked Carbon -
Summer Gloves - Furygan FitR-R 2
Race Boots -TCX RT-Race
One Piece Race Suit - Richa Francorchamp
Black Leather Jacket - Richa Detroit
Leather Trousers - Richa Monza
Vest -
Textiles - Dainese Cyclone jacket
Two piece leathers - Dainese Assen suit
Touring Boots - Dainese Torque D1 Gore-tex
Winter Gloves - Dainese Universal Gore-tex
Kevlar Jeans - J&S Red Route Stretch Jeans
Off-road Boot - TCX Comp EVO
Off-road Helmet - Shark Explore-R
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Instagram - lamb_chop_rides

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