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Around the Ring Road | Iceland von James Hearle   3 years ago


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It had always been a dream for both my Mum and I to visit Iceland. In October 2014, we decided to rent a Campervan and drive the Ring Road (Route 1) around the island. The trip took us the best part of 2 weeks and on our return to Reykjavík we met up with my brother to explore the city, the Blue Lagoon, and drive the Golden Circle. This trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I would 100% recommend to anyone who feels adventurous!

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Full Itinerary:

Day 1: Picked up the van from Keflavík and did a two hour drive to Fljótshlíð where we camped for the first night.
Day 2: Saw Seljalandsfoss (the overhanging waterfall) and camped beside a dirt road overlooking the Mýrdalssandur delta.
Day 3: Visited the Glacier Lagoon and spent the night in Höfn.
Day 4: Drove the spectacular road up the east coast to the hugely impressive Dettifoss. We then spent the night at Ásbyrgi in the north.
Day 5: Stopped at the small town of Húsavík to photograph the sea birds and then headed to Lake Mývatn. Here we climbed the volcanic crater of Krafla and then marvelled at the mudpools and steam vents at Hverir. We stayed the night at Vogar.
Day 6: This was a long driving day. We first visited Dimmuborgir (where the North of the Wall footage is filmed in Game of Thrones) and then continued through to Hvammstangi.
Day 7: We drove up the east coast of the Westfjords to Djúpavík. Just as the views started to become spectacular we unfortunately had to turn around and head south to find somewhere to camp for the night. We ended up staying at Reykhólar.
Day 8: We drove south to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula to see the iconic Kirkjufell cone mountain and camped at Langeholt.
Day 9: Picked up my brother from the airport and spent a few hours at the Blue Lagoon. In the evening we drove to Selfoss.
Day 10: The Golden Circle: Gullfoss, the Geyser and Þingvellir. We camped on the headland at Keflavík.
Day 11: We dropped off the campervan in the morning and headed to the capital city, Reykjavík, for an afternoon of museums (Photography Museum, Settlement Museum and Phallological Museum - this one is definitely worth a visit!)
Day 12: After a day of exploring the city, we drove to a hotel near the airport. The best view we had of the Northern Lights throughout our entire trip was from this very car park.
Day 13: Flew home!