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Internet Cafe Intersat Yogyakarta

Internet Cafe in Yogyakarta

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Intersat in Yogyakarta with WLan, WiFi or Hotspot

Internet Cafe in Yogyakarta. The Intersat in Jl. Timoho 70 A is a recommend internetcafe in Yogyakarta. It's a nice cafe for do some online work if you are on vacation or traveling. You will get easy internet access. The details of this internet cafe include opening times, gaming pc's, workstations, wireless hotspot, etc. you can find under details if this internetcafe had given this informations.

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Details of this Cybercafe:


Street: Jl. Timoho 70 A
Zip/City: 55165 Yogyakarta
Province/Island: DIY
Country: Indonesien
Phone: -550389

Hits: 41 | Rating: 5.00 (bad 1 - top 10) | Votes: 6

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