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Newsletter Tools for successful Online Marketing!!!

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Free eMail Marketing Tools for you!!!

In order to be successful on the Internet it is important to do strong email marketing for your website. Also in Small Business, you can generate huge additional revenue through creative newsletter. The decisive factor is a good Email Marketing Software that can create and send rich newsletters. We have tested the best free online newsletter software and marketing toolse for you and found the following Newsletter Software useful for your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Almost all Marketing Tools allow you to create rockable email templates for strong saleso revenue. The email tools also including user management for a successful direct marketing.

Best free Newsletter Marketing Software:

  1. PHP Mass Mailer Script
    Inbox PHP Mailer & Inbox Mass Mailer is a nice newsletter tool for the small business market, not to be the biggest or most featured but easy to send newsletters to your users.

  2. phpList
    phplist is a one of the best free email management software. It is a complete free newsletter management solution for efficient direct marketing. Send your mailings to over 100.000 subscribers.

  3. BlowPipeEmail
    BlowPipeEmail is a professional free bulk email mailer software for online email marketing campaigns.

  4. OpenEMM
    OpenEMM is a free email marketing program. OpenEMM has a lot of features for direct mailings and newsletter campaigns. It has a great user interface, sophisticated bounce management, link tracking, lots of graphical realtime statistics, a CMS module and a scripting feature to implement individual tasks.

  5. EmailSender
    It is an free email mailer. This newsletter software can send your mass marketing e-mails to unlimited mailing list. The mailing-program works via SMTP server, MAPI, or delivers e-mail directly without ISP's mail system. Also includes flexible address filters and rules.

  6. PHP Mass / Bulk Emailer
    PHP Mass/Bulk Emailer is a powerful PHP Newsletter Script that will allow you to send out large direct marketing campaigns from your own server. Allow HTML e-mail templates, Plain Text and Personalized emails.

  7. Bulk Newsletter Mailer
    One very good eMail Marketing Software is PHP Mass/Bulk Emailer. It will allow you to send out mass mailings from your own server to a list of over 25.000 mailing addresses.

  8. MOX Bulk Email Sender
    Another free e-mail-marketing-solution is MOX Bulk Email Sender. It is a free, powerful mass newsletter mailer.

  9. Free Java Email Spammer
    This application allows you to send spam emails to any other destination. In the near future it will be possible to spam from different smtp server providers such as Google, Yahoo and more.

  10. Bulk Mail
    Bulk Mail is a free email marketing program for small business which send their newsletters or mass mail to all user/member or customers. A great newsletter tool for your online marketing.