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Give Spam no chances. Send it in the trash!!!

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Email Waste Management!!!

The use of disposable email addresses as anti-spam protection is the best way to protect your inbox. A temporary email save your real email address. So no one can SPAM you. This service is also called anonymous email or Trash mail. Use they once and forget they. On this way your own email address will be spam free. Here are the best tested Trashmail providers.


  1. is one of the most famous trash mail providers. Without registration you can have a free, anonymous, disposable email address a la "". However it often happens that other users use the same names and so they can also read your mails. A problem with this provider is that it is already well known and a lot of websites block emailaddresses from this domain.

  2. Mailinator - Let them eat your spam
    Protect your privacy and prevent yourself about spam abuse. Simple use a anonymous email address from Mailinator! No registration required! A temporary mail for instant use.

    Do you need quick a disposable e-mail address? Just use Simple, fast and fully anonymous. Your free trash mail box from

  4. Melt Mail
    With Melt Mail you can set up an valid email forwarding for 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours in seconds. You will get a temporary email address for use directly. All mails to this address will be forwarded for the specified time to your real email address. After this time the email address is automatically deleted.

    The Trash account is is very good for junk removal with temporary disposable address forwarding (alias) to your correct mail address and expires after 24, 48 or 72 hours. It will not require any registration or store personal data. All incoming emails are scanned for viruses and spam.

  6. TempEmail.Net
    On you will receive a free and temporary trashmail account. Keep your own email address Spam and Virus free! Simply create your account and receive mails. Without registration.

  7. Dispostable
    Just pick a random e-mail address! It must only end with You can also use the proposed user name as anonymous trash mail.

    Filzmail offers temporary disposable email accounts for 24 hours. You can read incoming mail and reply from this temporary trash mail within the given time frame. Cool!

  9. YopMail
    YOPmail is a free Trashmail service that protects you from spam, phishing and other online abuses. Protect your private e-mail and use YOPmail for compulsory registrations, wherever you want. YOPmail is now available for your temporary inbox!

    Here you can receive fast trash emails without registering. The mails are automatically deleted after 12 hours. Easy to use.

Everyone who wants to build a own trash mail service can download here a free open source script for disposable email addresses: Pookmail Script.