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Software for Internet Cafes

Are you searching for Internet Cafe Software? Here are a list with the best open source software for management, accounting and point of sale for internet caffe, cybers cafe, web cafe. If you want use free software for your internet cafe, one of this must be useful for you:

Open Source Internet Cafe Software Free

CyberCafePro Software
CyberCafePro is the absolutly favorite of free internet cafe software solutions. It's a all-in-one management tool for everything in your cafe. Server & workstation management, Gaming management, employee management, Point of Sale (POS), and much, much more.

Cybera InternetCafe Software
Cybera is an Internet cafe administration system. You can use prepaid rechargeable Cards or Client accounts and prepaid or postpaid Self-service sessions. Features include workstation control, user rights lockdown, accounting, stats and screen replication for CAI.

HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software
HandyCafe and Firewall Software is completely free for Internet Cafes. The features of HandyCafe are: Monitoring and controll of Client Computers, Member Accounting, Multi Language, Remote Management, Desktop Screenshots, use Timers to track PlayStation, Wii, XBOX, Wi-fi, Backgammon, Chess, Billard and etc. and charge your customers, Print Tracking, Reporting, Cashiers, Cafeteria, Multiple Pricing Schemes and much more.

Daddy's Cafe Cyber Software
Daddy's Cafe Cyber Software is a free software solution for Cybercafes. The features are: Stations management, Management Customers, tariff settings, prepaid credits, Print Server, Blocking sites, Managment rates and profiles and much more.

CafePilot Server v2.4.0 & CafePilot Client v2.1.0
CafePilot is a cross-platform (Windows and Linux) software with SQL database with omprehensive log page, easily export accounts, creating Barcode tickets, prepaid billing with customizable tickets e.g. add company name and logo, create and print accounts in bulk and ...

OpenKiosk Software
OpenKiosk is ideally suited for use in locations where a controlled computing environment is paramount such as public access systems, libraries, school computer laboratories, internet cafes and more! Features are Kiosk-Mode User Interface and standard desktop, Prepaid access and membership access, Remote logoff, shutdown, and messaging, Customizable login dialog text, Detailed features and instructions in KDE client and Windows client documentation, Remote viewing of network status from an external location using a web browser, configuration tasks to operators using access control lists, Grouping of workstations according to program access.

OutKafe - The next-generation Internet Cafe Management Suite
OutKafe is a free and open-source internet cafe management suite. It was forked from ZybaCafe with the aim of ultimately replacing all proprietary parts with completely free components. It includes a server-side administration suite as well as clients for managing time control on machines. A powerful plugin architecture allows for easy extensibility and integration with other tools such as accounting packages and CRM systems.

Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) for Cybercafes
LTSP is a flexible, cost effective solution that is empowering schools, internet cafes, and organizations all over the world to easily install and deploy desktop workstations. Whether you are installing a 2nd workstation at home, 50 workstations in a CyberCafe or 500 workstations in a major university or corporation, the LTSP can help you be successful.

CybOrg - The CyberCafe Organizer
CybOrg, the Cybercafe Organizer, is a point of sales (POS)and administration system for internet cafes. It has a web-based interface and is written in Perl using Template Toolkit and a RDBMS. CybOrg uses a Windows/Linux client to block workstations.

Commercial Internet cafe software

TrueCafe Internet Cafe Software
TrueCafe is a friendly cyber cafe software with the following features: Support Desktop PCs, thin clients (terminal services, NComputing, etc.) and wireless laptops, Wireless billing (Wi-Fi hotspot support), pre-paid tickets, Games License key (CD-key) management, Print monitoring, Point of Sale, ...

Smartlaunch 4.1 Cybercafe Software
Smartlaunch 4.1 is a professional cyber cafe management and Gaming Center software with a wide range of features including Application Wizard, License Management, Point of Sale, Print Monitoring, Offers, Receipts, Sales Tax, Booking System, Employee Management, Smartlaunch Client – Features & Security, Financial Reports, Cash Register Reports, Advanced Statistical Reports, Employee Sales Reports, Management & Utilities, Prepaid Time Functionality, Play & Pay Pricing

SiteCafe Software
SiteCafe is a management solution for local client networks with the following features: Support of prepaid PIN codes (vouchers), User account support, Ticket Station support, Usage time billing (linearly), Happy Hours and day-dependant rates, Support of payment devices such as coin acceptors, Charging for individual services such as printing, CD burning, Web site access, Internet Content Filter, Access restrictions, ...

InterCafe 2011 - Software for your Internet Cafe
InterCafe 2011 is a Management Software for Internet Cafes with smart card and prepaid solution, member functions, policy settings and a comfortable Cafe Manager System for sale of food and drinks.

Softvision Explorer for Hotspots, Callshops & Cyper Cafes
Softvision Explorer software can completely manage Internet Cafés, HotSpots and Call Shop. with its four modules: Explorer Manager, Explorer Client, Explorer Printer Monitor and Explorer Coins. It is for the complete management of the navigation workstations of Internet Cafés Windows and Linux, Hotspot, Call Shop, Cyber Cafés, Hotels, Lottery Agencies, Libraries and Betting Agencies.

Cafezee 4.2 Internet Cafe Software
Cafezee is a very powerful, yet very affordable Internet Cafe Software. Its supports prepaid codes/tickets/coupons, Supports prepaid customers, Supports postpaid customers, Inventory management, Discounting and Adjustments, Control clients from server, Happy-hours, Staff restrictions and rights, Customizable Sales bill and Purchase bill, Print-monitoring, Internet connection monitoring, Standard time maintenance, your own currency and date settings, Allow/Bann Applications, Automatic database backups, Database is encrypted and protected and much more ...

Antamedia Internetcafe Software
Antamedia Internetcafe Software is a Internet Cafe and Cyber Cafe management, Game Centers, Hotel Cafe, Libraries. It controls your own or rented computers, prevents computer usage until login, unmatched user account configuration, controls the time usage of games and apps, variety of billing methods, Statistics, POS, print control, smart cards, ...

EasyCafe 2.1 Cyber Cafe Software
EasyCafe 2.1 is a complete solution for manage your Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Game Centers or Hotel HotSpot. It is capable of handling your customers, accounting and your cafeteria with a minimum of human assistance. EasyCafe can charge your customers with various pricing methods as Price by Usage Time, Price by Days, Special Price for Members, ...

MyCafeCup Internet Cafe Software with WiFi Wireless HotSpot Software Solutions for CyberCafes
MyCafeCup is a software solutions for the operation of an Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Gaming Center, Internet Center or PC rental system. Designed primarily for billing Internet Cafe business and also controls the PCs on your intranet.

CafeSuite 3.571 - Popular Cyber Cafe Software
CafeSuite provides many levels of security, unused workstations can be securely locked, give your employees different access rights, all databases used by CafeSuite are encrypted, create backups of data files automatically, Customer accounts, create smart, magnetic or barcode cards for your customers, workstation reservation system, Reports and statistics, flexible charging rates, Print control, ...