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Bad jokes to your friends with anonymous email!!!

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Anonymous eMail & Fakemail Provider!!!

Do you want to make a bad joke your friends or tell your boss something anomymous? Than fake mail & anonymous mail are the right things for you!!! You just need a free fake mail service to send a anonymous email. Text now a message and send it to your friend or boss.

However, you should not abuse this service for illegal activities, because otherwise this sites will be closed quickly.

Text now your fake email:

    Simply enter text and receiver to send the anonymous mail. The recipient will receive your message and a reference to the service of

    With Deadfake you can send anonymous Fakemails to others. Whether you want to tell someone's opinion, want to denigrate a colleague or just want to piss off anyone. No problem. There is no registration required.

  3. AnonyMail
    Would you like to be anonymous in the Internet? Anonymail believes that the anonymity of the Internet is very important and offers a free service called Anonymail. With Anonymail it is possible to send anonymous e-mails around the world!

  4. guarantees unlike other anonymous mailers that all anonymous Emails pass the spam filters and will be delivered. In the test it worked very well.

    Do you want to send an e-mail to someone without this person know who send it? Do you might want to make a compliment to a colleague anonymously and tell that him should take a shower? There are many things that you could tell someone anonymously, but it should always remain to be legal.

    Send Anonymous Emails. The e-mail service is ideal if you have no access to your email account or you want to send a message but your private e-mail was blocked by the recipient, if you want to play a joke with one of your friends, or other reasons.

    How to send an e-mail anonymous? You can send fake mails for fun or as funny emails to anyone. Try it here. However, it is forbidden to abuse the Fakemail service.

    Send Anonymous Emails just for fun. Easy to use fake email service. Works very well. But only for lawful purposes!!!

    With you must first generate a account without registering. For this just click on "Generate Email". Then go into your account and text now the message and send your fake email out.

    Send anonymous text free to anyone! Do you want to send an fake mail message to someone, but you don't want that he / she knows who send it? Just do it with without problems!

For everyone who wants to build self an Anonymous Email or Fake eMail Service, here are some open source scripts for anonymous fake mail as free downloads:

Fake Mail Script
Fake Mail Script
PHP Mail Script v.4
Anonymous Email Sender Script