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Free Mail & free Webmail Providers!!!

Here they are. The the best, worldwide, free Webmail Providers. This freemail providers give you everything what you need. A lot of space for your mails, spamfilters, pop3 access, webmail access and much more ....!!! So you can easy sign in your freemail account and write or check for new emails.


  1. Hotmail is one of the oldest freemail services. Now hotmail features unlimited storage, send up to 10 GB in attachments, Anti-Spam- & Anti-Virus, MS-Office integration, mobile phone access, POP3-Access, MSN Messenger and much more. Easy for send an email.

  2. Yahoo Mail
    With a Yahoo mail you get free webmail, attach large files of up to 25MB, filter your important mails, share your photos and other on Yahoo, use cool mail templates, check your free mail on your mobile phone. You can connect Yahoo Mail to via POP3. With your yahoo mail account you can use yahoo messenger and other apps too. Sign in to yahoo mail with the same username & passwort.

  3. GMail
    With a Gmail free mail account it's easy. Gmail blocks spam before you get it in your inbox, some GB of storage space, a good search tool for Gmail to find the exact message you want, freecalls to any phone in the USA and Canada, use the Messenger, filter your e-mails, use the online chat, access your free imail from Gmail with your phone and check your mails with POP3.

  4. Netzoola
    Free Email Accounts! Netzoola includes 1 GB storage, Web Mail Interface, Personal calendar and address book, spam and virus filtering, 25MB file attachments and more! You can access your mail with pc, smart phone or other mobile device via IMAP, POP3, SMTP, SSL.

    Get Your Free E-mail Account with Unlimited storage, 22 domains to choose from, mobile access, superior spam and virus protection, drag & drop online calendar. This mail feature provides you with the best solutions to check your emails on any pc and mobile device. You can access your mailbox with familiar mail programs like Outlook , Windows Mail, Thunderbird etc. via POP3 or IMAP.

  6. GMX
    The All in One Free Webmail Service by GMX let you manage all of your email accounts in one, easy-to-use and sign in. You can access it with mobile phone or web browser (POP3 and IMAP access), 5 GB email storage and attachments up to 50 MB, SSL encryption, SPAM and viruses Filters and much more.

  7. AOL Email Service
    AOL freemail has unlimited email storage so you no longer need to delete messages. The AOL Email attachments can be up to 25MB in size which is at par with Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. Filters and automated email sorting, Spam and junk email filter, POP3 and IMAP access.

  8. Zoho Mail
    The Free email Service by can easy be signed up and is always Free! Your email account can have up to 3 users with a storage limit from 1GB/User. The mailservice has Anti Spam & Anti virus and Mobile access. You can use Pop3 and IMAP, a integrated Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Notes.

    Free Full Featured Emailservice by includes 5GB storage, send & receive attachments up to 20MB, easily organize your messages, quickly find archived messages, POP3 & SMTP access, effective spam & virus protection.

  10. My Way Email Service
    Don't have a free My Way email account? If you own a MyWay email account you don't need another Web-based Email address but you can access your Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail or other free webmail services. On My Way you get: 125MB storage / 10MB message size, enhanced spam prevention tools and more. No banner ads, no pop-ups.